Before going to OCD support group I used to think that I was helping my husband by avoiding things/places that were uncomfortable for him.  I used to reassure his thoughts and feelings no matter how irrational they seemed at the time.  My goal was to take away the uncomfortable, anxious, and often times scary thoughts he had on a daily basis.

I now know 100% without a doubt that I was a contributor to his illness.  OCD support group has helped me to realize how my behavior has affected my husband in a negative way and has caused his OCD to grow.  I now have the tools to TRULY help my husband stand up to the terrible thoughts and feelings he has and I have learned the many, many nuances of his particular OCD.  My role has shifted…no longer am I an enabler!  Without OCD support group and without Gregg, I would be stuck enabling and feeding my husband’s OCD.  The tools and knowledge I have gained in a relatively short period of time has changed our lives and I am a better person for my husband, myself and everyone around me.