Our son is 8 years old and in second grade. It was early in his second grade year that we started experiencing issues. He began to worry about things related to school. No matter how much we tried to ease his worry, it wouldn’t satisfy him. His worry would continue or he would go onto another worry. This became such an issue that it changed his personality. He started experiencing signs of depression. He wanted to be with his mother or me all the time. Sleeping with us and going with us anywhere we went. Dropping him off at school became a huge problem. He would cry and beg to not go. Teachers would have to restrain him as we left. This went on for months. Thankfully his school was very supportive. His mother and I were at a loss. The son we once knew was slipping away. We started thinking of taking him out off school, possibly even home schooling him. It consumed our lives and our time, totally. He was a happy, energetic, athletic, fun boy. He loved to play outside and do things that every 8-year-old boy likes to do. That was all changing before our eyes. He would worry about going on vacation because of things that would be happening at school while he was out of town. He would worry about next year or the year after or even high school.

We tried various therapist and psychiatrist, but they weren’t working. Our son wasn’t responding. We finally found Gregg. He truly was a Godsend. Within the first visit or two with Gregg, we knew we were with the right person. Gregg is very likeable and relates very well to kids. They are drawn to him. Our son was no different. Gregg provided real world coaching and guidance on a daily basis. Literally, he came every day to work with our son. No other professional we met with or spoke to had this type of accessibility. We didn’t have to wait weeks for an appointment. Gregg was available, aggressive and compassionate. He provided tips and techniques that our son could use on a daily basis to deal with his worry.

The sessions became fun or our son. He looked forward to his meetings with Gregg and worked hard on the strategies and techniques Gregg provided. Gregg didn’t just work with our son; he provided his mother and me with strategies and tools to help reinforce his work. It was difficult as parents because some of the techniques were “tough love” strategies. It’s difficult when your child is hurting to not want to do whatever you can to take that hurt away. Gregg knows that and wants as much as you do to take the hurt away so we listened to him and did what he suggested. Within weeks our son was doing so much better and within months was 100%. He is completely himself again. No issues with going to school and no more worry! We could not give anyone a higher recommendation than Gregg. He is outstanding and knows his business. I hate to think of where we would be if it were not for Gregg. He is the best in the industry. I have no doubt. We are thankful beyond words for Gregg.​