I cannot speak highly enough of Greg Sansone’s knowledge, delivery and passion for helping those plagued by OCD and anxiety.  My 15 year old son reached a point of near breakdown as he fell into a hole of anxiety and OCD.  Greg came to our home immediately with one phone call. He knew how to question without being aggressive and listened to my son’s answers very carefully.  Greg dug deeply, layer upon layer, to find the root of what was going on. Greg’s brutal struggle with OCD in his own life is beyond priceless as he walks  aside the people he is helping.  This experience and  knowledge makes Greg very real, very understanding and so very, very passionate about helping others.  He exercises listening, offers tremendous help without end,  but also keeps the tough love component that is needed to get through this journey. Greg is not a counselor who is trained to help someone through the process, Greg has walked in these shoes in every way imaginable.  He knows much about what the individual is feeling and experiencing before they even say it….and Greg has help and answers.