Carter Morris

My name is Carter Morris and I am sixteen years old. For almost two years now I have had to live with severe OCD. It made me petrified by the things I deemed “dirty.” Every time I come home I had to take a shower that would be at least an hour long. I would use so much hand sanitizer that my hands would get chemical burns whenever I applied it. I could not open doors for myself, or shake the hand of new acquaintance, I couldn’t even hug my own grandmother. The episodes of extreme anxiety attacks and overall angst of the disorder made my life miserable, so much so that I had to be institutionalized twice.

It seemed there was no hope for me. My parents paid for an expensive therapy regiment that only served to worsen my OCD. I had seen countless therapists and had counseling every week, but it was to no avail. In my hour of need I came to Gregg. Within weeks I was doing exponentially better than I had since the onset of the OCD. Honestly, the first word that comes to mind whenever I think about it is “miraculous.” On occasion I will still have anxiety breakdowns but they seem like a dream when compared to the nightmares I had experienced before. Gregg saved me from having to live in a plastic bubble my entire life (both metaphorically and literally).

What Gregg says might not be what you want to hear, but I can attest that it is what you need to hear. Gregg’s “therapy” has helped me more than any person with a doctorate degree. After my experiences with Gregg I can function as a normal person. I can shake hands with a person I just met, I can open doors around the house, I don’t carry a bottle of hand sanitizer everywhere I go, and I hugged my grandma for the first time in over a year. Without Gregg I would be hiding in my room, not even willing to venture out into the “dirty” world. Without Gregg I don’t know if I would ever gotten over my crippling anxieties. Greggory Sansone is quite literally a lifesaver, and a godsend for those facing problems like mine.