My initial impressions of Gregg were very positive. He was facilitating a weekly OCD group called “Show Me OCD”. There were approximately 20 attendees that evening and I recall how he acknowledged and welcomed each one with sincere enthusiasm. His willingness to be transparent about his own struggles with OCD was a pleasant surprise and gave me courage to begin to share in the group. I feel sure it helped others to open up, as well. Gregg maintained this manner of welcoming people for the two years I participated. He knew himself well and had significant knowledge of OCD and anxiety, and talked about the facts each meeting. His willingness to offer help to attendees was exemplary, appreciated, and praised the recipients. His passion for helping others who struggle with OCD is clearly evident. Attendees benefitted greatly from the various books, mental health professionals, and behavioral theories he shared.

I would readily recommend him to anyone who is serious about learning to live with OCD.